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Elevating your dining experience, one bite at a time. Exceptional service, unforgettable moments.

Welcome to Sri Sasanti Restaurant!


Avocado Coffee

Espresso, Avocado, Milk, Chocolate


Freshed Brewed Coffee, Double Espresso, Hot/Iced Cappucinno, Hot/Iced Coffee Latte

Pisang Bakar & Ice Cream

Pan grilled banana caramelized with brown sugar, servedwith vanilla ice cream

Pis Kopyor

Banana, coconut meat and coconut milk wrapped in banana leaves and steamed


Dutch influenced Indonesian Cake, originated from manado, North Sulawesi. It literally means "Coconut Cake" which is made from raisin, coconut flesh, juiceandmilk

Mushroom Cream Soup

Cream and blended mushroom soup, served with garlic crouton

Rijstaffel 1 (for 2-3 person )

Mangut Kakap, Gulai Pakis Udang, Lidah Goreng Lado ljo, Ayam Rica Rica, Teri Kacang

Nasi Campur Sasanti

Three Colors Rice, Wagyu Satay, Spicy Shrimp, Mangut Kakap, Fried Chicken, Oseng Daun Pepaya, Sambal

Nasi Campur Nusantara

Three Colors Rice, Grilled Prawn & Sambal Matah, Beef Rendang, Woku Spicy Chicken, Buntil Salmon, Spicy Anchovies & Peanuts

Nasi Timbel

Grilled rice wrapped in banana leaf. Served with vegetables tamarind soup, fried beef, tofu, tempeh, fried salted fish &stinky bean, and shrimp paste sambal

Sayur Lodeh

Mixed vegetables in coconut milk

Sayur Asem

Vegetables tamarind base soup, originated from West Java


Shredded coconut mixed with salmon and spices, wrapped in papaya leaves and simmered in coconut milk

Nasi Salmon Sambal Dabu

Steamed rice, served with pan fried Salmon, fresh sliced tomatoes, shallot and lime, and Sawi Cewiwis

Mangut Kakap

Grilled red snapper cooked in turmeric spices and coconut milk

Udang Bakar Sambal Matah

Grilled marinated King Prawn served with sambalmatah ( shallot, honje, shrimp paste, and coconut oil ) Sambal matah originated from Bali

Lidah Goreng Lado ijo

Fried Marinated BeefTounge in green chili sambal

Lamb Shank Bakar

Savory grilled lambshank with coriander salsa

Rawon Daging

Beef black nut soup originated from Surabaya, East Java Served with boiled salty egg, bean sprout and sambal

Avam Bekakak

Deep fried organic half chicken served with fried spices, originated from West Java

Sate Ayam with Rice

Indonesian style chicken skewer served with peanut sauce

Ayam Betutu

Spicy organic half chicken in spices and herbs broth

Soup Salmon Pindang Serani

Salmon in herbs and sour carambola soup

Soup Manten

Chicken vegetables Clear Soup


Seafood clear soup with mushroom and dried tuberose flower original from Palembang South Sumatra

Sosis Solo Ayam

Steamed egg roll with minced chicken

Bakwan Jagung

Sweet corn and shrimp fritter


Minced beef rolled in egg crepe with coconut milk, steamed in banana leave



Capacity: 50 persons


Capacity: 60 persons

Private A

Capacity: 50 persons

Private B

Capacity: 15 persons

Private C

Capacity: 12 persons



Capacity: 50 persons


Capacity: 60 persons

Private B

Capacity: 15 persons

Private A

Capacity: 50 persons

Private C

Capacity: 12 persons